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Editing is the process of finding the heart of the film and utilising ever changing technologies to create impactful and memorable stories. Immerse the audience in your world with seamless visual effects and eye catching 3D photorealistic imagery.

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Our Post-Production services


This is where the magic happens. Bringing your video or film to life with creative editing and thoughtful use of visual effects.

We've worked on:

  • High impact, narrative driven commercials
  • Long and short form documentaries
  • Quick turn-around TV promos

Visual Effects

Expand the world of your video with our VFX Artists, as they seamlessly composite CG elements with live action footage, using industry standard software and techniques.

We've worked on:

  • Clean-up and rig removal
  • Greenscreen keying and compositing CG elements on to live action plates
  • Houdini FX smoke, fire, particle and destruction effects
  • 3D product visualisation

Motion Graphics

Engage your audience with creative motion graphics, anything from logo animation to data visualisation, created by in-house artists.

We've worked on:

  • Animated data visualisation
  • 2D character design and animation
  • 3D animation

Featured Post-Production

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Editing & VFX credits
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