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Sheebah - Ekyama music video

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Eastend Studios
December 3, 2019
Music video
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About this project

Vesio provided editing services for Eastend Studios. This low budget music video was shot in a single day by director Pauline Long and released ready to be Sheeba’s new year gift to her fans.

This video saw five different scenes of varying complexity, however they were all performance based, meaning that the narrative/tone of the video was determined by the pacing of the set ups. The two main setups were contrasting light and dark themes, some dry and some with pouring rain, with a couple of single take setups to add variation. The editor worked remotely with the director through Vesio's video collaboration tools to determine the correct pacing and narrative beats as there was no translation provided for this job. Needless to say, editing a song in another language can have it’s challenges. But after two drafts of the video, the artist & director were pleased with the result, ready for the new years release. 


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