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August 1, 2019
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About this project

Emily Brunsdon is a 17 year old activist. Soon her generation will be old enough to vote and, frankly, they’re a bit pissed off. From climate change to Brexit, post-millennials have a few questions about the world they’re inheriting. Emily is on a mission to make politicians answer those questions.

Vesio Productions have teamed up with Hide & Seek Media to create a sizzle reel for this documentary series. Director, Dominic Streeter, has worked closely with Horia Dragoi and Chris Hailes to develop the style and tone of this youth focused, politically investigative show. The pilot episode has been focused on drug policy in the UK, with that we have traveled the country to film protests, interview experts, hear from bereaved parents and meet Boris Johnson impersonators. This project is currently being pitched.


Team members credited

Full production credits

Director - Dominic Streeter

Director of Photography - Horia Dragoi

Camera Operator - Richard Boon

Camera Operator - Tyler Sinclair

Editor - Chris Hailes