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Refugee Crisis - Volunteers of Calais

March 16, 2016
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A group of volunteers travel to the "Jungle", the refugee camp in Calais to help the refugees living there.  This is their story and experience of the camp. Part 1 of 2 of our Refugee Crisis series, looking at the effects of the crisis from a human point of view. 

This documentary saw our team meeting up with a trio of volunteers and traveling over the channel for one of the more challenging weekends we have faced. The conditions of the camp were confronting, knowing that they are there due to the English government, we found that simply filming a documentary felt disrespectful. Therefore the majority of the time in Calais was spent volunteering at the warehouse that intakes donations. They were kind enough to let us film and the amazing individuals that were there for no monetary gain gave us a fantastic insight into the human spirit. 

When inside the camp, we found a surprisingly friendly atmosphere. The people had banded together to make the best out of the situation, creating makeshift restaurants, shops, churches and even a theatre for artistic expression. We met many incredible people who dreamed of a better life, however as of today the camp is no longer there and the fate of those featured in this video is unclear. 


Team members credited

Full production credits

Director, Editor - Chris Hailes

Assistant Director - Luisa Zabel 

Producer - Bethany Cornelius

Cinematographer - Horia Dragoi

Composer - Matthew Bell