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Refugee Crisis - Voices

May 4, 2016
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About this project

The refugee crisis will go down in history. These are the stories of those who risked everything to escape conflict. Part 2 of our Refugee Crisis film series, looking at the effects of the crisis from a human point of view.

The production of this documentary film took us to Germany where refugees have been largely welcome. With the government setting up centers across the country where refugees can seek shelter, food, and health care. Here we met refugees that wanted to share their experiences on video, telling us what circumstances made them leave, and how they made the difficult journey.

This production was notably challenging for us on an emotional level. Many of the interviews were conducted through a translator and would be transcribed months later, meaning we were asking difficult questions with no way of knowing what was being said. Our team saw grown men who had lost everything reduced to tears, unable to articulate the severity of their emotional trauma into english. Throughout our filming, we made friends with those who featured in our video and many of them have gone on to make a success out of their situation thanks to Germany’s progressive refugee policies. Over the time we were out there, we volunteered in the centers featured and focused on trying to give back to those who were kind enough to share their stories with us.


Team members credited

Full production credits

Director - Chris Hailes

Assistant Director, Editor - Luisa Zabel 

Producer - Bethany Cornelius

Cinematographer - Horia Dragoi

Composer - Matthew Bell