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T.M.Lewin Gary Lineker christmas promo

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The Snowman ft. Gary Lineker

Castelli & Co
Editing & VFX
April 11, 2019
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About this project

Gary Lineker stars as TM Lewin's dancing snowman in their 2018 christmas video. This short piece was used for their online Christmas marketing campaign. Vesio provided editing and VFX services for this job.

Another studio shoot for T.M.Lewin under director, Francis Castelli and cinematographer, Ian Murray. While we're providing the post services, our edit, Chris Hailes was on set to provide editorial advice for this shoot. The original plan was for the dance to be a one shot sequence with a hidden edit to mask the change from the professional dancer to Gary Lineker (sorry to ruin your dreams, but Gary was not the one dancing). On the day, it became clear that this was not going to be possible given the limitation of the set and time constraints. This meant that Francis, Ian & Chris had to improvise a storyboard to allow them to edit it effectively and achieve the appearance of Gary dancing. This had the added bonus of being able to create a 60, 30 & 15 second version of the video, one of which was shared on Gary Linekers twitter feed. 

VFX compositing work was required on this project to combine performances from multiple takes that all had different camera movements. The result is an opening shot that used sections of three different takes. Both the dancer's performance and the background.

The Snowman was emailed out to T.M.Lewin customers as a digital christmas card.


Team members credited

Full production credits

Director - Francis Castelli

DOP - Ian Murray

Editor - Chris Hailes

VFX Compositor - Horia Dragoi