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Whether you want us to produce your entire project, or to work within your team, have a look at the services we offer.
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All productions have to start somewhere. We work with you to develop ideas into original and engaging content that captures the imagination. Choose a team who will put your brand identity front and centre.

Script writing

Whatever the stage of conceptualisation, our experienced script writers will work with you to construct the original style, structure and character integral to your content.


On time and on budget, leave the logistics to our producing team. Vesio Productions can deliver your content with distinctive locations that are safe and cost-efficient.


With storyboards, 3D pre-visualisations and animatics, our team can fully develop your concept before production begins.


The casting directors at Vesio Productions are in contact with an extensive network of acting talent, to ensure your characters are brought to life.

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Production services

When you are ready, we will work in open communication to create cinematic productions with an attention to detail. Each scene crafted using innovative techniques, and just a little caffeine.

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Make sure that your video encompasses your brand identity with our experienced directors, skilled in crafting entertaining styles and uniting a team to guide your narrative to its USP.

Camera operating

Whether you need multi-camera event coverage or a solo operator, we are ready to bring our technical expertise to your project.

Sound recording

Let the audio speak for itself. Our recordists will capture the soundscape of your video at the highest quality level.

Arial filming

When your project calls for a change in perspective, Vesio Productions can offer an aerial view with our network of licensed contractors.


Our directors of photography combine artistry and technical prowess to produce stunning aesthetics, bound make your brand stand apart.

VFX Supervision

Shoot your project with VFX in mind to ensure seamless delivery and integration with CG elements in post-production.

Assistant directing

When on set, logistics are key. Ensure your production is running smoothly with our Assistant Directors.

Production design

The devil is in the detail. Our network of artists, designers and prop makers will leave no stone unturned as they build the world of your film.

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More than just an assembly. A process of finding the heart of the film and utilising ever changing technologies to create impactful and memorable stories. Immerse the audience in your world with seamless visual effects and eye catching 3D photorealistic imagery.

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Cutting that drives the story forward. We craft the film from the ground up, utilising our experience in Adobe® Premiere Pro CC.

Visual effects

Expand the world of your video with our VFX Artists, as they seamlessly composite CG elements with live action footage, using industry standard software and techniques.

Motion graphics

Engage your audience with creative motion graphics, anything from logo animation to data visualisation, created by in-house artists.


Photo-realistic 3D CGI elements, whether you need destruction FX or product visualisation. Our VFX team will enhance your story, not overpower it.

Sound design

The sound designers at Vesio Productions will endeavor to build rich and textured soundscapes that capture the emotion of your content.


Our extended network of musicians can create original scores, tailored to your project.

Colour grading

Visuals as bold as your ideas. Our colour graders will form the vibrancy required to bring your video to life.

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