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Stanley Parable short film


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This is a film about a man, a man named Jack.

An award winning short film inspired by The Stanley Parable indie game, and The Truman Show. Starring BAFTA nominated Kevan Brighting as the voice actor from the original Stanley Parable indie game and Tristan Coates as Jack. The Stanley Parable is a game about game design, a surreal interactive satire on its medium. While adapting this concept to film, we translated the satirical themes into a commentary on film making; developing the story and style simultaneously to build the world of the writer.

VFX played an important part in creating a world similar to The Stanley Parable. Using green screens and camera tracking we were able to recreate the shifting environment in the game and place the film in an artificial setting.



Project Deliverables

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Writer, Director - Chris Hailes

Producer - Jenni Potter

Cinematographer, VFX Artist, Colourist - Horia Dragoi

Sound Designer, Sound Recordist - Rebecca Lawrence

Composer - James Beckwith

Editor, Production Designer - Oren Locke