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TRL corporate video

TRL 2017 Predictions

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A series of short videos covering TRL's leadership themes for the upcoming year. Without having an established base of videos we created assets and overall style that works in tandem with the new TRL branding.


Working with Vesio has been consistently excellent – clear quotations, great service, responsive to our needs, high quality final outputs


Project Deliverables

The Future of Transport

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Professor Nick Reed, Academy Director at TRL looks towards a future of the transport network that is safer, cleaner, more efficient and accessible for all.

Healthy Mobility

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TRL’s Chief Scientist’s share their thoughts on healthy mobility and the need for cleaner and safer transport solutions in the future.

How is technology shaping future transport?

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TRL’s Chief Scientists reflect on how technology is transforming the mobility landscape and consider the future challenges that it will present.



Editor, Sound Recordist - Chris Hailes

Cinematographer, Colourist - Horia Dragoi

B-Camera Operator - Oren Locke

Logo Animation - Horia Dragoi