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TRL 2017 Symposium Event

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TRL's themed annual event with the focus this year on healthy mobility and, in particular, whether we are doing enough to help create a society where all modes of travel are as safe and healthy for those using them as can be.

This video showcases our corporate interview and multi-camera event coverage work. Filming at the company's HQ in Bracknell and The Welcome Collection in Euston, London.



Project Deliverables

TRL Symposium: Introduction to Healthy Mobility

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2017 Academy Symposium presentation by Marcus Jones, TRL. This presentation provides an overview of why the link between transport and health is important.

TRL Symposium: Mental health and accessibility

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Presentation by Roger Mackett, University College London

TRL Symposium: Economic value of walking and cycling

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Presentation by Dr Paul Kelly, Lecturer in Physical Activity for Health, Edinburgh University



Editor - Chris Hailes

Camera operator, Colourist - Horia Dragoi

2nd Camera operator - Rupert Hopkins

Sound recording - Sound Catchers

Logo Animation - Horia Dragoi