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IMIS promo video

We are IMIS

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Formerly the BKSTS, a society of film makers established in 1931, IMIS approached us for a promotional video as part of their rebranding efforts. Aimed at recruiting younger members, the the video is designed to be featured on social media and at industry exhibits where sound playback may be limited or not possible. Therefore, we focused on creating strong visuals that told the story alongside motion graphics. Large text was combined with 3D tracking effects and integrated into the live action plate, creating a fast paced summary of everything IMIS has to offer.


Vesio understood our organisation, who we are and what we do. They communicated our message in a quick, stylish, and humorous way. We would definitely work with them again.


Project Deliverables

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Writer / Director / Editor - Chris Hailes

Cinematographer / VFX Artist - Horia Dragoi

Production Manager - Illya Latfi

Prop Maker - Oren Locke

Assistant Camera - Max Smith

Sound Recordist - Quino Pinero

Runner - Lucy Stevens

Runner - Samuel Jordan


Ugly Duck Spaces

Crixus Studio


Sir David Attenborough

Drew Paterson

Cynon Lewis

Sheri Sadd

Sandra Panton

Max Smith

Lucy Stevens

Kate Fee-Finch

Shiv Sharma

Louise Luck

Sabah Bashir

Omer Warman

Naji Basma

Michael Ukandu

Mark Faulkner

Jon Fisk

Ilona Csatos

Ewa Cislak

Emanuel Mendes da Silva

Elvis Neli

Kati Mocho

Davina Sitaram

David Landau

Mari Porvichova

Rupert Hopkins

Em Cooke

Gerard Marshal

Levi De Sousa